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  • 8:00

    Registration & Light Breakfast

  • 08:45

    Welcome & Kick-off

  • Morning Sessions

  • 9:00
    brennan lodge

    RAG Against the Machine: Gen AI for Governance Risk and Compliance

    Brennan Lodge - Head of Advanced Analytics Engines, Cybersecurity - HSBC


    In an era where financial institutions navigate a labyrinth of global compliance and risk management challenges, the need for innovative solutions has never been more acute. Brennan Lodge introduces a groundbreaking approach at the intersection of AI and governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) with the unveiling of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technology and its application. This advanced tool exemplifies the fusion of AI's potential with the intricacies of GRC, promising to revolutionize how financial services manage compliance, understand data privacy laws across jurisdictions, and bridge the gap between current practices and regulatory expectations. By leveraging the vast capabilities of RAG which offers a beacon of hope for institutions wrestling with the complexities of regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and the myriad of emerging data protection standards globally.

    Innovative AI for Enhanced GRC: Introduction to the role of advanced AI technologies, including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), in revolutionizing GRC processes within the financial services sector.

    RAG: Bridging the Compliance Gap: Exploring how RAG technology enables financial institutions to efficiently conduct gap analyses by comparing existing policies and practices against a vast array of global regulations and standards, including GDPR, CCPA, and emerging frameworks.

    Practical Demonstrations: Showcasing real-world applications of RAG in GRC scenarios, including live demos on conducting gap analyses and interpreting complex regulatory texts, highlighting the tool’s agility in adapting to the specific compliance needs of financial institutions.

    Future Directions in AI-Powered GRC: Envisioning the future of GRC in the financial services industry, with an emphasis on the ongoing development of AI technologies like RAG to provide more sophisticated, efficient, and comprehensive compliance and risk management solutions.



  • 9:30
    John Chan-2

    Coping with the Accelerated Pace of AI Advancements in FinTech

    John Chan - Director of Technology, AI/ML - Raymond James

    • AI is not new. What has AI been doing for us in Finance?
    • What are the key factors of building AI Capabilities?
    • As Generative AI advancing quickly, how can we cope with this technology evolution?
  • 10:00
    sarah hoffman

    Using AI to Enhance Creativity At Work

    Sarah Hoffman - Vice President, AI & ML Research - Fidelity





  • 10:30

    Networking Break

  • 11:00
    gagandeep d

    Generative AI for Text Summarization using LLMs

    Gagandeep Dua - Vice President - JPMorgan

  • 11:30
    Karamjit Singh-2

    How LLMs are Transforming the Future of Fin-tech

    Karamjit Singh - Director, AI Products - Mastercard


    Developing scalable and sustainable AI capabilities is no longer a nice-to-have advantage, but a must-to-have competency for companies to survive and thrive in the fast-evolving economy and meet ever-changing consumer expectations.  Building AI capabilities successfully, from the ground up requires not only a deep understanding of the math and technologies, but also developing broad alignment with business strategy, stakeholders, and processes.  In this session, Nan Li will share how to approach AI use cases and develop AI capabilities holistically and strategically.  You will also learn about the common pitfalls to avoid.

    - How can AI be leveraged to improve business strategy and production?
    - What challenges may need to be considered and how can you reduce the impacts of such?
    - What are the building blocks of a successful AI adoption to ensure that the strategy is holistic and achievable?


  • 12:00
    jonathan rege

    From Hype to Production: The Blueprint to Deliver Gen AI Use Cases in Financial Services

    Jonathan Regenstein - Industry Principal Sales Engineer, Data Science - Snowflake


    While generative AI was the technology story of 2023, we expect 2024 will be the year when organizations shift from the art of the possible to real, tangible AI implementation. But only those who can navigate the complexities of this transformative technology will see major competitive advantage and value creation. During this session, attendees will learn:

    • What are the data and AI trends that are top of mind for financial services executives in 2024
    • How organizations navigate through the complexities of gen AI and ensure that they do not fall behind
    • What are the critical challenges faced by technology and business leaders in the wake of concerns around data security, governance and risk
  • 12:45


  • Start Up Showcase

  • 1:45

    How to Accelerate Software Delivery with Agent-Driven Development

    Dan Mason and Michael Carlson - Lead, AI & LLM Practice and Head of Stride Labs, Partner - Stride AI


    We've all witnessed the capability of Large Language Models (LLMs) to write code. The majority of the teams have embraced LLM-powered tools like GitHub Copilot. Yet, they've only experienced marginal productivity improvements! This is primarily due to being constrained by the number of "pilots" available. Stride has innovated a groundbreaking method to transcend these limitations. We've developed asynchronous teams of LLM-powered agents that integrate seamlessly with your software development environment, adhering to your preferred practices and patterns. Tasks that could take a developer several hours to code, test, and deploy can now be ready in mere minutes.  Join Stride for an exciting panel discussion where we will unveil case studies, share insights, and discuss best practices for implementing this revolutionary approach in your codebases and workflows.


  • 2:05

    The Double-Edged Sword of AI in Finance

    Usama Fayyad - Executive Director - The Institute for Experiential AI


    The stakes are especially high for companies working in fintech, insurance and financial services. Firms thoughtlessly rushing to deploy AI face a minefield of new risks including unintended biases, improper use of data and other issues that can lead to major regulatory consequences and impact individuals, families and society as a whole.

    • No data, no AI: why innovation will only come from imperfect data in real-world settings
    • Keys to making Generative AI work for finance and insurance
    • Insights from my experience at Barclays, Yahoo! Microsoft Research, The Institute for Experiential AI and more.
    • What we’ve learned from partnering with finance and insurance companies
    • How a Responsible AI strategy drives business value
  • 2:25
    anji is

    RAG: 3 Letters For Faster and Smarter Financial Decisions

    Anji Ismail - CEO - Finnt


    This session provides an overview of how Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) can enhance financial decision-making by utilizing unstructured data. Attendees will explore the technology's fundamentals, its application in financial services, and its role in improving accuracy and speed in operations. 
    Anji Ismail is the CEO of Finnt, an AI-native financial analysis and research platform. Finnt specialized in extracting crucial data from large, unstructured, and complex documents—including OMs, PPMs, 10-Q/10-K, as well as prospectuses, reports, leases, loans etc. It then integrates these findings into templated memos, enriched with the company's existing data and real-time market insights.

  • 2:45

    Unlocking Value: Avanade’s journey with Copilot for Microsoft 365

    Jonida Regi - Senior Director - Digital Advisory & Financial Services Lead - Avanade


    The democratization of artificial intelligence and shift to AI-centric transformation is disrupting ways of working. Avanade has partnered with Microsoft on AI for almost a decade, and as we have moved towards an AI-first operating model ourselves, we’re focused on empowering our people with generative AI tools to help them be their best.


    In this session, Jonida will share Avanade's journey with Copilot for Microsoft 365 - an integrated, extensible set of tools that combines the capabilities of generative AI with familiar Microsoft 365 apps - as part of the the Early Access Program (EAP). She'll focus on our own transformative experiences with Copilot, how we overcame challenges, to accelerate value for our organization and how this has fuelled how we advise our Financial Services clients to get the most out of Copilot.

  • 3:30

    Networking Break

  • Afternoon Sessions

  • 4:00
    sahil agarwal

    Securing the AI Future: The Checks and Balances for Generative AI in Production

    Sahil Agarwal - Co-Founder & CEO - Enkrypt AI

    Explore the potential of Generative AI in enterprises while addressing key concerns such as data privacy, prompt injections, hallucinations, and regulatory compliance. Learn how to overcome these hurdles to enable the safe, secure, and compliant adoption of Generative AI, paving the way for accelerated innovation for your business.
  • 4:20

    Harnessing Your Data Strategy to Make AI the Driver

    Mary Jane Dykeman - Managing Partner - INQ Law


    •    Your organization has good data, is privacy and cyber savvy and can prioritize use cases: what’s your AI play?
    •    How to lead and manage change in AI acceleration, including UX
    •    Leadership jitters – how fast can we go, and should we go? What happens to those who don’t?

  • 4.40
    Panel Discussion-1

    PANEL: What Should be Prioritized in Your AI Strategy?

    Jake Katz, Dan Vasquez, Alessio Lomuscio, Eoin Roche - Head of Research & Data Science, AI Strategy Lead, Professor of AI Safety, Global Head of Technical Account Management - London Stock Exchange, Rocket Mortgage, Imperial College London, KX


    - Discover the importance of aligning your AI strategy with your overall business goals and how to identify which areas of your business could benefit most from AI implementation.
    - What is the range of AI technologies available today and how to evaluate which ones are best suited for your specific use case
    - Discuss the need for flexibility and adaptability in your AI strategy, including how to adjust your approach in response to changing market conditions, emerging technologies, and evolving customer needs.

  • 5:15

    Networking Reception

  • 6:00

    End of Day One